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 Fallout:The Drifter Ch.5

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PostFallout:The Drifter Ch.5

Chapter 5:The siege

“So that's our situation.”

The chief said with a hint of sadness and worry

The drifter nodded and said

“Well then the only way to win is to be smart about this,set up the howitzers and have snipers set up.”

“That sounds like a plan..okay I'll set everything up.”

A few hours later the main gate of Santa Barbuda looked like a fort with men and guns set up. 1 hour after dusk there was a blare of a horn and suddenly bullets flew towards the gate,a few guards were hit in the initial firing.

The first wave of men charged at the gate,twelve or so men jumped over the gate and opened fire at them. A few legionaries fell but many kept charging,suddenly two guards heads exploded into a bloody mist. Distracted by the deaths the legionaries were within cutting distance and they pulled out there machetes and began swinging. Luckily the light machine gunners were able to kill them before to many guards died. By this time the second wave was charging in towards the gate. The drifter was firing his M14 at the legionaries from the gate wall suddenly the sniper next to him's head exploded.

“Holy shit..”

Suddenly the chief yelled


With that a hail of booms echoed as 4 howitzers fired out towards the legionaries landing on many killing 15 of them. Then the third and fourth waves rushed forward led by axious dominicus the second in command of the legion. The drifter noticed him and hopped the wall,he unsheathed his katana and threw down his backpack. He charges forward with this the men became inspired and joined him in the charge,they threw down there guns and pulled out the combat knives and ran forward.

The two forces clashed in a bloody screaming of men as soldiers were cut and sliced,the drifter ran toward the leader with his katana drawn there blades clashed with sparks,the brutal battle was now nearing it's end with a deadly knife fight in the center of a graveyard of soldiers. The drifter made a powerful slash at axious knocking his machete gladius out of his hand,he then spun and made a swift cut decapitating him,his head fell to the ground and blood spurted out of his neck as his body fell to the ground.

A few hours after the bloody battle the field was being cleared of the bodies by this time the surviving legionaries had retreated to there territory,with that the Santa Barbudan alliance had secured it's territory for now. The drifter was talking to the mayor.

Mayor Daniels: “Thank you for helping us.”

The drifter shrugged

“It's no problem,it was my pleasure to help.”

The mayor turned around and grabbed a box he turned back and handed it to him.

“Here's payment for your services,it's fifteen hundred caps.”

The drifters eyes grew large,he was shocked at the amount of caps.


He grabbed the box and shook the mayors hand.

“You can stay at the comfort inn for awhile if you want”

The drifter smiled


The drifter then headed for the inn to stay the night.

Meanwhile at the legion camp,the survivors had regrouped and counted there losses. A centurion walked to the ham radio and called the main legion fort.

“Sir,this is centurion Servacious,I’m here to update you on the result of the battle”

The legate lanius answered with a harsh tone.

“Well?,what happened,and why isn’t axious reporting?”

The centurion hesitated.

“Well sir..hes dead and we failed to take the city,they were well armed and the men lost moral when they saw axious decapitated by a mercenary.”

The legate was enraged.

“Your telling me some hired gun killed my second in command!?”

The centurions voice quivered.

“Y..yes sir”

The legate grew angrier.

“What is his name and where is he from!?”

“From what our spies said the merc was said to come from a small nation known as The New Republic of Oklahoma,and a town known as New Edmond.”

The legate stayed silent for a moment.

“Return to the main fort,I have a plan.....”

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Fallout:The Drifter Ch.5 :: Comments

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Fallout:The Drifter Ch.5

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