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Chapter 2:A trail that’s gone cold

A day had passed since the drifter's assault on the legion outpost and the cruel execution of the legionnaire,in the time that had followed the drifter's inner rage had grown drastically since he was again unable to learn the whereabouts of the Legate.. But now the drifter's luck is about to change.

The drifter walked out of his tent and towards the command tent where the others colonel's and General Hacksford. He opened the large tent flap and took his seat at the table in the center of the tent. The General looked up and stood up from...
by Akwardturtle78 - Comments: 0 - Views: 308

Now we begin volume 2!!

Seven years had passed since the drifter had first ventured out of his home into the cruel,unforgiving wasteland. And in that time he experienced a key feature of the wasteland,loss,one of the most prominent things in the great wasteland. In the years that have passed the drifter had a child,New Edmond had been rebuilt,and the war between the legion and NOR had reached a stalemate.

During this the drifter had volunteered to join the army to beat the legion. He had risen through the ranks enough to be a lieutenant. And now he leads constant raids...
by Akwardturtle78 - Comments: 0 - Views: 267


And with the burying of his father,the drifter had faced his first trial of the wasteland.

The drifter: “Soon after battle the NRO began rebuilding the town. Soon after the town was finished the drifter and Rachel found love and settled.”

NRO soldier: “With the attack of New Edmond the NRO declared war on Caesars legion causing massive stress on them making them fight on two fronts.”

Mayor Daniels: “Soon after getting word of the attack on New Edmond the mayor issued the creation of outposts on the outskirts of there territory making Santa...
by Akwardturtle78 - Comments: 0 - Views: 211

Chapter 6:Made to suffer

Two weeks had passed since the battle to defend Santa Barbuda,the dead have been buried,and peace is restored. The drifter had been helping around the city doing jobs and earning caps.

The drifter was walking around the town when he noticed a group of guards talking,he moved closer and listened in.

Guard 1: So the scouts say a big group of legion moving east.”

Guard 2: “How far east?”

Guard 3: “Towards the plains..”

The drifters expression was shocked

by Akwardturtle78 - Comments: 0 - Views: 209

Chapter 5:The siege

“So that's our situation.”

The chief said with a hint of sadness and worry

The drifter nodded and said

“Well then the only way to win is to be smart about this,set up the howitzers and have snipers set up.”

“That sounds like a plan..okay I'll set everything up.”

A few hours later the main gate of Santa Barbuda looked like a fort with men and guns set up. 1 hour after dusk there was a blare of a horn and suddenly bullets flew towards the gate,a few guards were hit in the initial firing.
by Akwardturtle78 - Comments: 0 - Views: 203

That's right more talking!

Chapter 4:Welcome to Santa Barbuda

After a few days of travel,the drifter had arrived at the east gate of Santa Barbuda,it had been about 2 weeks since he left New Edmond behind,he sill thought of his father and of Rachel,but he said he wouldn't return for awhile,he re focused on what was ahead of him,Santa Barbuda.

He entered the large gate,he examined the surroundings as he walked further into the massive trading hub. After walking for a few minuets he noticed a small shop,inside hanging was what looked to be a katana,he walked to the...
by Akwardturtle78 - Comments: 0 - Views: 230

Chapter 3:Trouble on the farmstead

The drifter slowly walked towards the large fence two guard towers were on the left and right sides of the gate,in the towers were one guard on a mounted light machine gun,at the gate was a small guard booth were a guard wearing leather armor and a security helmet,he opened the gate with a push of a button,the drifter walked through. As he entered he noticed a large group of people looking at someone standing on a box yelling
“We must find the one killing our livestock,we can't go on if they keep dieing!”

Many people yelled...
by Akwardturtle78 - Comments: 0 - Views: 201

Chapter 2:welcome to the wild wasteland

It had been two days since Micheal departed from home,he had left the borders of the small nation he called home,he had entered the plains wasteland and he headed west towards the rumors of a city untouched by the nuclear fire,a place known as New Vegas,a city of lights with a tower as a beacon.

But the drifter has a long journey ahead of him,many miles he must cover and many challenges he must face and his first challenge,to survive the New Mexican wasteland and making it to Santa Barbuda the biggest trading...
by Akwardturtle78 - Comments: 0 - Views: 226


In the year 2077 humanity could no long fight it's primal urge to kill and brought apon it's own destruction raining nuclear fire down apon themselves destroying anything and everything nearly wiping out humanity it's self. But some survived the apocalypse by escaping into underground bunkers known as vaults.
When they emerged there were left to face what there own destruction had created,and there own survival.
As time progressed the survivors banded together to form villages,towns,and societies. But as in the old world many different flags had risen and...
by Akwardturtle78 - Comments: 1 - Views: 210
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