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 Fallout:The Drifter Ch.6

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PostFallout:The Drifter Ch.6

Chapter 6:Made to suffer

Two weeks had passed since the battle to defend Santa Barbuda,the dead have been buried,and peace is restored. The drifter had been helping around the city doing jobs and earning caps.

The drifter was walking around the town when he noticed a group of guards talking,he moved closer and listened in.

Guard 1: So the scouts say a big group of legion moving east.”

Guard 2: “How far east?”

Guard 3: “Towards the plains..”

The drifters expression was shocked

“I have to go home.”

The drifter rushed to his inn room,he entered and grabbed his gear,he rushed out and left the city,he ran back east as fast as he could.

After a week of travel the drifter had finally made it back to NRO territory. It was storming outside,the rain poured fiercely and the wind blew hard. The drifter finally got close enough to the town to see it but to his displeasure he saw smoke and fire in the distance.
He ran as fast as his legs could go towards the town.

He finally entered the town and saw the horror,dead civilians,and burned buildings. He ran further in and called out.


He heard a noise from some nearby ruble,he then ran over to it and began removing the ruble. Once it was cleared he found Rachel,alive.

“Thank god your ok...”
She looked at him and smiled but then her smile faded.

“Y-your father...go to him..he needs you.”

“But Rachel I-.”

“No,I'll be fine go find your father.”


He layed Rachel down and headed off to locate his father. After walking around a corner he spotted his father in pool of blood.


He ran over to him and fell to his knees at his fathers side.

“Father..wake up..please father!”

His fathers eyes opened and he gazed up towards the drifter. His hand reached up and touched the drifters face.

“Hello son...”

“Your alive?...thank god,let me get some hel-.”

“No...I’ve lived long enough son,it's my time..”

“No dad,i can't lose you..”

“Son I've given you all of my knowledge,it's now up to you....”

As he finished speaking his hand fell to the ground.


The drifter began crying quietly. Suddenly a hand touched his shoulder. He looked up and saw Rachel. He stood up and hugged her.

“We'll rebuild”

“I know..”

Suddenly a group of NRO soldiers walked up to them. A soldier spoke.

“Are you two okay?”

They both nodded. Suddenly the drifter let go of Rachel and walked back to his fathers body. He bent down and picked him up. He began walking to the cemetery. When he arrived he set the body down and then began digging a hole. Once it was finished he set the body in the hole,then he began refilling the hole.
He muttered quietly as he finished.

“I'll kill the leader of the legion,if it's the last thing I do.”

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Fallout:The Drifter Ch.6 :: Comments

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Fallout:The Drifter Ch.6

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