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 Fallout:The Drifter Ch.3

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PostFallout:The Drifter Ch.3

Chapter 3:Trouble on the farmstead

The drifter slowly walked towards the large fence two guard towers were on the left and right sides of the gate,in the towers were one guard on a mounted light machine gun,at the gate was a small guard booth were a guard wearing leather armor and a security helmet,he opened the gate with a push of a button,the drifter walked through. As he entered he noticed a large group of people looking at someone standing on a box yelling
“We must find the one killing our livestock,we can't go on if they keep dieing!”

Many people yelled out in agreement. The man noticed the drifter entering the town,he ran over to him and said.

“Excuse me young man but could I speak with you?”

The drifter simply nodded.

“Excellent,well as you may have noticed a minuet ago we're having some trouble with someone killing our livestock and we need someone to find out whose doing it so we may bring them to justice”

The drifter nodded.

“You should wait tell night falls and stake out the area”

Many hours later night fell and as instructed the drifter was staking out the livestock holding area,he had been watching for about an hour past midnight when he heard a noise,he quickly took some buffout to see better in the dark. He saw a slight distortion in the air,he thought to himself that whoever was here was using a stealth boy,he pulled out his M14 and its silencer,he screwed it on the barrel,he then aimed down his sights and fired at the distortion. Blood flew out from where he shot,then there was a groan of pain.

The distortion dropped and there stood a large super mutant,his facial expression was a pained snarl,he looked around and noticed the drifter. He muttered


The super mutant roared and ran towards him,
The drifter stumbled up and put his M14 back in its back pack holster,he then quickly drew his .44 and fired at the mutants head until the mutant dropped down,there was a massive bloody hole in it's head,he walked over and shot it again for good measure.

When the sun rose the drifter returned to the man who asked him to find out who was killing the animals,he approached the man,the man looked at him and hurried over and said.

“So?,did you find out who it was?”

The drifter replied “It was a super mutant,it must have been eating them.”

The man looked shocked. “Really?,i never would of guessed.”

The man reached into his pocket,pulled out a sack and said “Well never the less you did as I asked so here’s your payment young man”

He handed him the sack and said “There’s 200 caps in there,use it well”

The drifter took the sack and shook the mans hand and said “Thank you very much sir.”

The man nodded and said goodbye.

With that the drifter headed for the western gate of East Ranch.

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Fallout:The Drifter Ch.3 :: Comments

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Fallout:The Drifter Ch.3

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