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 Black Ops 2 zombies 

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Black Ops 2 zombies Uxacpr
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PostSubject: Black Ops 2 zombies   Black Ops 2 zombies EmptyMon Jul 02, 2012 4:48 am

So for you people that watched E3, you may know some of this already. Well they have announced that zombies will be there and also that it will be moved to multiplayer. This will not just change zombies but the entire game. The reason they moved it to multiplayer is so they can get creative. They said that the normal zombie survival will be there along with a brand new zombies campaign, but this means the will drop off the old gang of dempsy, nikolia, tokioe, and rictofen. also they are releasing a new type of mode wich I am very excited for. I'm talking about 4 vs.4 with zombies. This means it will be like everyday teamdeathmatch with your team and another but you must hold of zombies. Say there is only 2 ray guns maybe you will be able to bribe the other team or by it off of them. Also this means that the maps will have to be twice as big for double the players. Twice as many zombies also coming out at once. They have already uncovered the first map for us at the moment. It is literally called "THE MAP" for the moment, lol. Since the teams they will need alot of maap packs.

Also Ill help you out if you havent already if you pre-order Black Ops 2 then you will get the futuristic version of nuketown with setting in 2025.

I hope this got you excited for zombies if you already werent! Cant Wait for Black Ops 2!!!

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Black Ops 2 zombies 

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