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 Grand Theft Auto five, latest details. 

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First General

First General
Grand Theft Auto five, latest details. Uxacpr
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Grand Theft Auto five, latest details. Empty
PostSubject: Grand Theft Auto five, latest details.   Grand Theft Auto five, latest details. EmptyThu Nov 15, 2012 9:14 am

Lets start with Micheal, Micheal is the man we heard in the first announcement trailer of GTA 5. He's a retired bank robber, now in the FIB (GTA equivalent of FBI) witness protection program. Micheal in his early 40's, lives in Rockford hills (GTA equivalent of Beverly hills), with his family: his wife Amanda and his 2 kids Tracy a teenage chick, and his 20yr old son Jimmy. In a cutscene described by the official game informer magazine, Micheal is interacting with Tracy who is playing a Just-Dance style game and Amanda, who is about to go for a shopping spree with his credit card and car, and the car is the Sentinel xs, yes its returning HELL YEAH!

Now to Trevor, Micheal's life long friend 'bout the same age as Micheal, Trevor is an unusual person and has an insane personality.... literally, he is somewhat a psychopath. Trevor lives in a ramshackle trailer in a rundown desert area of the map that is called Blaine country, which is a lot like the destitute area around Salton sea, He is an Ex military pilot, and in his life has worked a few bank heists with Micheal. Playing as Trevor gives you a bonus, you get access to aircraft early on in the game due to his flying skill, Trevor has a best buddy called Ron, Ron is a paranoid conspiracy theorist. (LOL conspiracy theory's is what i did a big school project on today)

OK now we get down to Franklin, The third playable protagonist (to this date) Franklin lives in southern Los Santos (GTA equivalent of L.A), as a rep-o man for an Armenian car dealership. Franklin is in his mid 20's he's a young hustler that likes to hang out with his dangerous and crazy accomplices and friends, one is a guy called Lamar, an ambitious lunatic, oh and he's a funny guy.

(Trevor on left, Franklin in the middle and Micheal on the right)
Grand Theft Auto five, latest details. Gta5_lead

OK you've met the characters and by now your probably thinking, well what mechanics are used for swapping between characters? Well. here's how, you as the player are free to switch between these characters at any time during game-play (not during missions), every character has there own Ability's, skill sets ETC, and not all of them are good at everything, missions will vary depending on what character you choose to use, so more than likely you will get more than the one play-through from this game, how the transitions between the characters will work is by pulling you out of the game to a Birdseye view of the map to re-select the character you want and you will jump straight back in the game and all your characters will stay were they are so you can pick up exactly were you left off...... or maybe not, the characters will go about there daily business when you leave them and lets say they can get into some rather odd situations in that time, but on some occasions the trio will be together and the characters you don't control at that time will be helpful NPC's. With the exception of some missions, here's an example, Franklin is firing a rocket launcher out the side of a helicopter, Trevor is piloting and Micheal is lining up rivals with his sniper, you will be able to seamlessly swap between them to get so much more out of the game.

Missions & the story-

Bank robbery's, heists, stick ups they're all a big theme in GTA 5, if you think back to the big bank robbery mission in GTA 4 called "three leaf clover", it was awesome admit it, it was the time you had the most fun in that game, during these robbery styled missions and/or sidequests you may swap between the characters.


So we all hated this right?

Grand Theft Auto five, latest details. 134280951156

So the developers have re done the activities and mini games, so the spectrum is so broad now that a gay guy cant put it in his stretched asshole, do you like cage fighting, yes? so do it, do you like bowling?..... NO! so don't do it, its as simple as that. Some new activities include, Yoga, Triathlons, Jet Skiing, Base Jumping, Tennis, Golf, Stand up comedy acts and in-game TV. (note: not all of these are new but they have ALL been improved). Money will be used lots in this game for many things, you cannot buy new
properties but money is needed for everything else, lucky your a dirty
rich criminal eh?, well no your actually 3 of them, and when it comes to your cell phone, you don't get calls to go bowling, but its used for more things like using the internet and calling up friends at YOUR leisure, NOT the NPC's.

Relationships & Customization-

No more dating, because the characters don't fit in to that play style but, hang out with all the characters friends, have a dick-fest bowling session, all good, or hang out with the characters family's... because that's always fun :/, OK so you cant gain lose weight like i GTA San Andreas, i would like to know why the fuck not but that's irrelevant, clothes are customizable but to what extent is unknown at the moment, we have high hopes though.

So we thought the map was big, but OMFG we did not expect this-

Ok we all played San Andreas right yeah the map was fucking huge, and Red Dead Redemption oh yeah it was big to, and then Grand Theft Auto 4 it was large to an extant, ok now get all them put them together and you haven't even got the size of GTA 5!!!!!

Grand Theft Auto five, latest details. Fhrgruu-1

Yeah it's amazingly scary, so to the landmarks, GTA is iconic for its landmarks in game, think back through all the GTA's we've seen the statue of liberty, deserts, forests, mount chiliad, under the water with fish and turtles area 51 that massive tower from GTA San Andreas that i know we ALL rode the pushbikes off for stunt cash, and it goes on and on, most of the landmarks from San Andreas are returning, well because this game is set in the newly designed San Andreas and it has wine vine yards, the ocean floors, coral beds, rocky canyons, deep ravines ETC we will have random encounters like on GTA 4 back as well these could also vary from character to character, but it will be more like Red Dead Redemption's encounter system which overall worked better. And for the few that don't know what i mean is that you will have a choice to help or not be engaged in the situation or not and its all real time and randomized so you don't have to do it.


All vehicles from other GTA's will be back and with more variety than before, you like push bikes they're back but do you want a bit more than a pushbike?, well then choose from a massive variety whether it be BMX's, Mountain Bikes or Old School push bikes, you can get it, all the old time faves such as ATV's, Tanks, Jets, Jet Skies (Jet pack still to be confirmed) and so on.

Improvements, Graphics & Game Mechanics-

In GTA 4, Rockstar used to only have the game render 1.5 KM's around the player, but in GTA 5, the mountains over the other side of the map will be rendered, oh and the graphics are some of the best to date just stunning, the vehicle mechanics have been made better as well, cars are harder to flip and the over all feel of the vehicles is just so much more smooth. It's apparently starting to feel as good as the best racing games on the market, The people actually do stuff in they're infinite time, they go for food, shopping meet with other NPC's ETC, as an example you can find cleaners at the bus stop in the morning then find those same characters cleaning houses in Rockford hills during the day.

No Multiplayer details at this time but Rockstar say the development is going very well.


We have seen lots of things that suggest that animals exist in GTA 5, and some gameplay/cutscenes with what appears to be a Rottweiler.

And it appears that that is the end of my artical for now, make sure to follow, like, subscribe to all my personal pages,


"Everyone you know and love, everyone you've ever met, they will all die!"
Grand Theft Auto five, latest details. Tumblr_mg73q6tZog1rgradgo7_250Grand Theft Auto five, latest details. Tumblr_mg73q6tZog1rgradgo5_250
Grand Theft Auto five, latest details. Tumblr_mg73q6tZog1rgradgo6_250
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Grand Theft Auto five, latest details. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Grand Theft Auto five, latest details.   Grand Theft Auto five, latest details. EmptyTue Dec 18, 2012 10:46 pm

Your post is quite the trek to read hahaha

But I did see your mention about the Bank Robberies. Yea, GTA 4 isnt big on them but I'm looking forward to GTA 5 robberies and hopefully you can do them in Free Roam
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Grand Theft Auto five, latest details. 

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