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PostSubject: Bloodforge   Bloodforge EmptyMon Mar 18, 2013 4:12 am

It's so wonderful to have a working xbox again, (or at least somewhat working) being able to freely play games that aren't just little arcade games. With that being said at this moment, I am thoroughly enjoying a game most of you may not be familiar with. Bloodforge, and yes don't worry.. there's plenty of blood to go around. In this grim-looking beat-em-up, you play as Krom. A warrior who is destined to save his people once more from the tyrannical powers that once bested him in battle. The gameplay is your basic formula combo-heavy combat with two slight changes. 1) a stylistic art design with mass amounts of blood splatter which ironically lead you to where you need to go next and 2) a difficultly that is not afraid to castrate you if you mess up too much. For the low price of 1200 ms points, this arcade title is definitely recommended to those who enjoy the likes of Devil May Cry, Bayonetta, etc. and are looking for a good distraction until you can afford the new DMC (which, honestly, doesn't look all that great in my humble opinion) or just looking for a solid experience on the Xbox Live Marketplace
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