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 Halo 4 - Infinity Weekly Update #8 

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PostSubject: Halo 4 - Infinity Weekly Update #8   Thu Jan 03, 2013 11:53 pm

Welcome to week three of the Infinity Challenge! After two weeks of team play, we’re changing over to free-for-all. This week’s featured Infinity Challenge playlist is Regicide. In this mode, the Spartan in first place is the King. As the King racks up kills, their bounty increases, thereby increasing the points other Spartans gain from killing the King. In order to maximize your point total in this playlist, keep in mind that you’ll get points for assisting King kills, so it’s best to always move towards the King and the inevitable action that will be nearby. Also, players who hold the King position long enough will earn additional points and rewards to help secure victory. This week, the Infinity Challenge playlist replaces the normal Regicide playlist, but you do not need to be registered for the tournament to play Regicide this week.

The current Infinity Challenge Weekly: Get 200 kills with an Automatic Loadout Weapon. Remember, this challenge is only available in War Games Matchmaking.

I’ll be updating you each week on all things Infinity Challenge, including leaderboard highlights, new challenges, and more.

For more information about the Infinity Challenge, to sign up, or to check your progress, head to Halo4InfinityChallenge.com.

If you still have additional questions, be sure to consult the FAQ, located on the bottom right of the landing page.

For additional help, contact support@VirginGaming.com.

Have a Happy New Year, and good luck in your quest to become King!
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Halo 4 - Infinity Weekly Update #8 

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