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 Bumper Hogs! 

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PostSubject: Bumper Hogs!   Sat Aug 06, 2011 6:38 am

Bumper Hogs!
Min. Players: 02
Max. Players: 08
Canvas Map: Forgeworld
by The_Omnigamer
Min. Players: 02
Max. Players: 08
Supported Gametypes: Slayer
DLC Required: None (Default Maps)
Canvas Map:
Download Link: Download Now
Custom Gametype Download Link: Download Now
One Spartan.
One Warthog.
One chance to prove your worth.
Are you the best warthog driver?
Now is you chance in the ultimate Warthog arena!
Test your skills in Bumper Hogs!

*Temp Banner*

Yea that's right, it's Bumper Hogs, the ultimate warthog driving
challenge! Take your warthog, dive into the arena, and take down all
who stand in the way!

A pretty basic arena. Cool see-through grid floor as well!

Every player starts in their own Warthog Station with their own
starting Hog. If you don't have one, just step through the teleporter
and you will be transported to another station where another Hog will
be waiting for you.

Be sure to get a running start before you jump onto the arena, then duke it out against your opponents but...

Be sure not to be at the receiving end and you'll see yourself like this poor sap and on your way to destruction.


Now you might be thinking to yourself... "There's absolutely no effort
done here. All he did was put a grid down. Sure the idea is cool
buuut... where's the work?"


I'll admit it. As far as "spectacular" forging, it's a bit lackluster... at first. As the match progresses... Magic happens!

As you saw before, the arena starts off as a basic grid.

However, after 30 seconds...

Gravity lifts spawn in, giving you one more chance to lead your
opponents to a certain demise. And these aren't just normal gravity

Find yourself driving over one of these cannons, and...

A quick death is your only reward. The grav lifts launch you into a
kill zone where nothing but instant death awaits you. So if you're
smart, you'll avoid at all costs.

After 60 seconds...

The arena expands, adding an outer ring for a bigger arena. The extra
area will give players more room for maneuverability, increasing speed
and letting players have a little bit more freedom, especially when the
stage is filled with hogs.

At 90 seconds...

Four Mancannons spawn in each corner of the map, making those corners
just a little bit more dangerous for those keeping on the outer ring.
Four more zones open up on the outside of the ring. These new zones add
some "explosive" gameplay.. and the bad pun? Weeellll....

Totally acceptable in this case. Now these zones you'd think would take
away from the gameplay by preventing people from dying when they would
normally fall off the cliff, but the explosions that occur can be
enough to take out anyone who is close, who normally would be
completely safe had it just been a standard cliff.

At 120 seconds...

Just a cosmetic change. C'mon. You know that 2nd grid looks sick. Admit it.

At 150 seconds...

A pyramid bunker appears in the center of the map, reducing mobility in
that area, as well as adding some sick jumps for those stunt junkies.
Just be careful because flipping out of your Warthog can lead to a ton
of trouble.

And finally, and 180 seconds...

The arena is now complete, with a kill ball being added right on top of
the pyramid. The corner man cannons lethality instantly rises 90% with
a high probability to be launched directly into the Sun... Kill
ball... whatever... lol. Mind you, the mancannons aren't instant death
as there is a slight possibility of surviving, but I wouldn't exactly
chance your luck by diving right in, lol.

So there's the arena. Now gameplay as you haven't been able to
determine is pretty basic. Jump into your Hog and try and ram your
opponents off the edge, being the last one standing. Each game lasts 20
minutes by default. Be sure to get a running start at the initial
spawn so you don't fall off before the outer ring spawns in.

Winning is pretty simple. Don't die. Scoring is actually tracked in
reverse. You don't win by getting the most kills, rather you win by
getting the least deaths. Each time that you die you lose a point,
rather than each time you get a kill you gain a point. Because of this,
games will typically end with every player in the negative... BUT it's
a custom game so it's all good lol. The only way to earn a point is...

To earn a splatter kill. Now, if you're like that poor fool above,
you'll not only lose a point, but the one who earned the splatter will
gain a point.

Well now that you've got it, try it out, and let me know what you
think! Recommended number of players is 4 at least, but it can be
played with less. It just won't be nearly as chaotic, lol.


Gametype - BUMPER HOGS

I do have multiple Bumper Hogs arenas in the works as well, so stay tuned for those if you enjoy this one!
And also, look for a gameplay trailer that'll be coming in the next couple weeks!

Once I get my capture device in the mail that is lol. I'll link to it when I get it up.
Also, any ideas on how to improve the gametype are always welcome Smile

This Halo Reach Mini-Game map has been brought to you by the one, the only

End Transmission ....
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Bumper Hogs! 

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