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 Dead Island Review uxa exclusive 

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PostSubject: Dead Island Review uxa exclusive   Thu Jul 19, 2012 3:27 am

Dead island, is an open world rpg, fps game made by Techland, this was announced much before the game was release which built a lot of hype, not many games live up the expectations of today but dead island was one of the exceptional ones that did.

At the beginning of this game you wake up after choosing one of four characters, and you find yourself/s on the beautiful island of Banoi, in the middle of a zombie Apocalypse, you and your companions (multiplayer) must fight your way across the island from a serene resort to a eerie jungle, fighting zombies and helping npc's along the way. If I was to compare Dead Island to other games, they would have to be Borderlands and Dead Rising, as they both use a very large range of different weapons, you find yourself with far too many weapons, the way you have to play through the main quest in order to get to the next part of the map, that in Borderlands and Dead Island money is spent to bring yourself back to life in-game and Customisation of weapons in this game felt a bit like the Dead Rising but less exadurated.

It had to real stand out as a good zombie game, as it has to be able to match the great zombie apocalypse simulation games, like Left 4Dead 2.

Unfortunately it is not as good as this game, as L4D2 was an amazing game that was almost flawless, and this game the intensity was hard to come by, like as long as you are in a vehicle an driving you know you are safe and that nothing can take you down. The enemies were also very predictable whether it is in combat or in where and when they spawn, which makes the game a lot easier in many ways, and more repetitive

But It did stand-out as a very different way of looking at a Zombie Apocalypse situation, as there hasn't been a zombie rpg on a enormous island, or in a luxurious hotel (filled with flesh eating monsters). Not many heavily- combat- based games have made melee weapons far more common and superior than guns and long distance weaponry. Possibly the best thing about the game is the creation and customisation of weapons, like making a machete electrified or covering a metal baton in bolts.

The next game was recently officially announced at E3 on June 5th, 2012, it will be titled Dead Island: Riptide. I am looking forward to playing it and I am sure many other people are as well based on the success of the first games popularity.

Dead Island is a game for all the fps co-op Zombie Apocalypse fans and I give this a rating of 8 out of 10.

~Cannibal_sponge (Jacob Johnston)

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Dead Island Review uxa exclusive 

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