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 Battlefield 3: The Basics 

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Battlefield 3: The Basics Uxacpr
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PostSubject: Battlefield 3: The Basics   Battlefield 3: The Basics EmptyWed Aug 03, 2011 4:58 pm

In late 2011 DICE is going to release the next numbered version of its popular Battlefield franchise. First details were unveiled in Game Informer magazine's 215th issue.

Is this game related to Bad Company 2 at all?

They both have Battlefield in the title, but Battlefield 3 is not a Bad Company game. It's tied to DICE's core franchise shooters like Battlefield 2 and 1942.

What engine is DICE using for Battlefield 3?

DICE will be using Frostbite 2 in this game, which means it will feature advanced lighting effects as well as destructible environments like in Bad Company, but on a larger scale.

Will the game have a single-player component?

Yes, and it will be a separate fiction from Bad Company 2 with different characters. The year is 2014 and, at least in one of the missions, you follow along with a squad of U.S. Marines in Iraqi Kurdistan. For those interested, the campaign can be played co-operatively.

What multiplayer details are available?

The online component of Battlefield 3 will feature an unlock progression structure that's more extensive than Bad Company 2. It sounds like there'll be four base classes in the game, all highly customizable. Squads for online play will be implemented, though modified for Battlefield 3. Expect some of the maps to be quite large since jets will be included as controllable vehicles. You'll also be able to go prone.

Wait, tell me more about multiplayer...

Alright, if you insist. We recently saw multiplayer for the first time, and it's very different. Vehicles now regenerate a little bit of health, and classes have been completely revamped. The Assault class is also the medic, while the Support class is now the ammo dispenser. The Scout and Engineer return as well.

How Important is the Support class without medpacks, though?

Very. With the new supression effect -- which darkens and shakes the sides of the affected player's screen -- laying down covering fire has never been more important. Yes, other classes can also supress enemies, but only the Support class has the clip length and ammo supply to do it effectively. The best part? Supressing now yields points, with additional points given for killing a supressed enemy.

How do they balance the inclusion of prone?

Prone is a big deal in a shooter. But DICE keeps it from being overpowered through constant tweaking. Not only does moving from prone to standing have an animation sequence that prevents you from shooting, but they're also experimenting with things like muzzle flash and sniper lens flare to expose anyone who sits in one place for too long.

Will Battlefield 2's Commander mode return?

If it does, DICE says it'll be in a much more limited, accessible form.

What's the deal with the PC version of Battlefield 3? Will it have the same features as the console versions?

Yes and no. The PC version is the lead development platform and will feature 64 player matches and, as would be expected, advanced graphics options for those with powerful hardware. Mod tools will not be released alongside Battlefield 3.

What platforms is Battlefield 3 being developed for and when is it coming out?

The game will be made available on October 25, 2011 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

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Battlefield 3: The Basics 

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