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 Designated Marksman Rifle 

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PostSubject: Designated Marksman Rifle   Sun Jun 12, 2011 10:57 pm

The M392 DMR, or Designated Marksman Rifle, is an air-cooled, gas-operated medium-to-long range rifle which fires 7.62 x 51mm FMJ-AP ammunition. Used predominantly by the UNSC Army, the DMR provides soldiers with a functionally reliable alternative to the dominant assault rifle and battle rifle series, with a clean and sturdy overall design and modular hardware components made to withstand a variety of battlefield conditions.

At 109 centimeters (42.9 inches) long, the DMR bears a standard bullpup design with a guarded pistol grip and an EVOS-D optical attachment allowing 3x magnification. It supports a 15-round magazine capacity with two modes of fire: automatic and semi-automatic and is typically fielded in areas where the more versatile but shorter-ranged MA37 or MA5C assault rifles are at a disadvantage.

For decades, the M392’s operation and use was widespread in the UNSC’s armed forces, but with the advent of the BR55 Battle Rifle, and more specifically the heavy barrel variant in 2548, it was quickly surpassed in production in nearly every branch. Nevertheless, the UNSC Army still relies heavily on the DMR, using it during conflicts late into the war, on planets such as New Jerusalem, Tribute, Reach, and eventually, Earth.

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Designated Marksman Rifle 

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