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 Squad etiquette (the basics)  

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Squad etiquette (the basics)  Empty
PostSubject: Squad etiquette (the basics)    Squad etiquette (the basics)  EmptySun Jan 22, 2012 4:46 am

Squad etiquette (the basics)

So I have over heard that you all want to compete as a team, I am posting this to try and help us reach that goal. If I sound like an ass then I apologize in advance.

Ok first off there needs to be a hierarchy within our platoon, ie: Ranks. I see that you have marked founder and leaders, now this is ok for the web site however when we are “in game” it will not work. So the leaders need to apply rank (please keep in mind Generals do not fight in the field). When you set out on your task of setting rank do it from in game and tactical knowledge as well as leadership skills, just because this guy is your friend does not mean he will be a good squad leader in the field. Once rank has been established it needs to be enforced with all due haste before the squad breaks down to a free for all.

Now that we know who is in charge of our squad let’s set down some ground rules.

1. Only the squad leader sets directions and gives instructions.

2. Absolutely no non mission chatter should be going on wile in game.

3. We should assign rolls before game starts based on player skill and play style.

4. If you see an enemy, in a clear calm voice tell what kind and location. “Left of me” or “over there” is not good directions.

5. Open for more when the need arises.
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Squad etiquette (the basics)  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Squad etiquette (the basics)    Squad etiquette (the basics)  EmptySun Jan 22, 2012 5:10 am

r=white]] Squad movement – your first support is called point he will be the guy that is always in front of the team and relays information to the team. 15 feet behind the point is your squad leader he will be setting attack orders direction of movement and basic attack stance of the squad. 15 feet behind the Squad Leader will be your Medic; I should not have to say what his job is. 15 feet behind your Medic is your rear guard, his entire job is to look back and make sure we do not get hit from behind.[/size]

Now due to the danger of being point and the reason why rear guard should be support is when point goes down or hurt bad RG will move to point and point to RG to heal or revive. When point encounters bad guys he will start to suppress the targets while SL and Medic moves up to engage the targets. (RG will remain watching our back unless there is no way of attack from that direction; in that case he will also suppress the targets.

I say we move in 15 feet increments so if point is shoot dead fast, the rest of the team will still be alive to engage the targets. We can increase or decrease this spacing as needed. When in open fields stager your line ie: 15 feet back and 10 feet to the right 15 feet back 15 feet to the left and so on.

Ok if we have the man power for more than 1 squad the same steps should be taken. 1 squad will be Blue and the 2nd should be Red, or whatever you want it to be. That way when you SL say lets move to Alpha he would say Red squad advance to Alpha.

Any more questions ask me online. Please add what you think and we will go over it.

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Squad etiquette (the basics)  

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