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 Deadpool's wild violence and twisted humor should make for a truly insane superhero game 

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PostSubject: Deadpool's wild violence and twisted humor should make for a truly insane superhero game   Fri Feb 22, 2013 10:10 pm

Deadpool may look like a ninja, but this Marvel Comics antihero is more than your average mercenary. Much
more. For one, he packs everything from swords to machineguns to a
teleportation device — all backed by a Wolverine-class healing factor
that makes him virtually unkillable. Which could be why the so-called
Merc with a Mouth flings quips like verbal grenades, poking constant fun
at friends, enemies, and even his unique awareness that he’s a
comic-book character.
Moreover, he’s a serious nutjob — but in an
endearing way that’ll make you laugh out loud at his oddball delusions.
When he’s not obsessing over Bea Arthur and chimichangas, he’s listening
to the voices waging war in his head…or succumbing to some of the most
bizarre hallucinations a pop-culture–lovin’ hero could have.
It’s a crazy mix that opens up immense opportunities for a Deadpool videogame. And judging from our exclusive peek at some never-before-seen gameplay, developer High Moon Studios (Transformers: Fall of Cybertron, The Bourne Conspiracy)
seems to be embracing those possibilities big-time in this third-person
action brawler. Are you ready for some insanity? We sure hope so,
because Deadpool isn’t holding back…
With loads of blood and dismembered limbs, Deadpool definitely earns its Mature rating.

how we said our red-suited friend knows he’s in a comic book? Well, he
knows he’s in a videogame, too — in fact, he apparently commissioned
High Moon to make it! Our demo picks up a little bit into the campaign,
in an open room, with Deadpool (aka Wade Wilson) telling you, “Sorry,
player…you’re just going to have to figure out how this game works
yourself.” It’s a gleeful little twist on the usual tutorial sequence,
and it culminates in something even goofier: your finding and inflating a
colorful, bouncy castle. Why? You’ll find out soon enough…
long, you’ve busted into the offices of the Great White News network;
it seems you’ve been hired to take down CEO Chance White, who’s somehow
linked to the game’s overarching villain, a longtime Marvel/X-Men baddie
whom we can’t reveal (but are definitely excited about). Reaching your
target means fighting White’s army of armored goons…or, more accurately,
massacring them. Combat is incredibly bloody and Mature-rated — vaguely reminiscent of that in Raven’s 2009 X-Men Origins: Wolverine
game, but even more over-the-top violent, especially for a superhero
game. Quickly switching between weapons (using the D-pad), our demo
guide slashes some foes with a sword while shooting others with twin
pistols; dismembered limbs and crimson blood splatters are a frequent

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Deadpool's wild violence and twisted humor should make for a truly insane superhero game 

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