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 CoC 2013 Reform 

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CoC 2013 Reform Uxacpr
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PostSubject: CoC 2013 Reform   CoC 2013 Reform EmptySun Jan 27, 2013 9:01 pm

Well with all the recent issues have had our brains churning here at the UXA and following suit with the Council Condensing and Division Mergers starting this year off we have also reformed our UXA code of conduct you all know how to get to it but I'm going to post here, please read over it

We are a Very casual group but Every Community has to have some form of basic Rules to prevent Anarchy and keep the community
a friendly place for everyone

Once your a U.X.A. registered member you respect the decisions of the Council we decide things as a group so no one person
is dictating to everyone, everything is a group decision
(1.a) the UXAC consists of 15 of the Leaders in the UXA, to Join the Council see Division Requirements below

(1.b) Generals may not, without council consent change there gamer tag this causes more work for the Admin's changing code, pages and makes it hard for new members to recognize who that person is

(1.c) All Discussion in UXA Council is for Council Eyes and Ears only, other then results of a poll after it runs its 48 hours, divulging information will result in immediate removal from council

Joining Outside Communities/Clans, or Forming your own Unsanctioned Divisions or Outside Clans is Forbidden to a member
Violation of this is Grounds for deletion from the U.X.A.

(2.a) Playing with other groups is permitted providing you don't advertise them in your profile or on this forum or ask any UXA member to Join it

As you play with people over time bonds form, people fight and so that's life, Once you sign up you will forever be UXA unless of course you change your tag and delete everyone that is your choice we will not kick out or remove anyone for reasons other then 5.A and 5.B, If someone offends you mute them, if someone mutes you too bad. Xbox has the features for you to solve these problems
its not ours, If your having personal problems with someone on xbox live please review you options on Xbox.com

(In the reform of this article all members banned in the past for petty reasons can be reinstated if they so choose) January 27 /13
(3.a )People have the right to mute other members they don't want to talk to we believe if you have nothing nice to say don't talk to them, not everyone likes everyone, Loud noises or Screaming into the mic will guarantee you'll be muted

Division Requirements
4. Division Creation or a Group Wishing to Join the Alliance, Both of These will fall under the same requirements.

1.Submit a Formal Request to the Council your recruit group will then be turned Into your Division

2. Recruit or have your current clan register referring you, min. of 20 (Captian Rank) must be registered for anything to go further theses cannot be current UXA members it , they must be new members

(4.a) Generals are Required to Post minimum Once a week to the site Keeping Up-to-date on their progress, also divisions are expected to grow in size recruiting is key once a New General's (recruits referred) hits 50 members they will only be required to post monthly as they have achieved the rank that was pre-awarded

(4.b) If new generals fail to do these tasks (4.a) their division can be brought up for review, and said General for disciplinary action such as but not limited to Demotion back to Captain, Division absorption, Division Split or Expulsion from the UXA (Also Applies to Newly Appointed Generals of Older Divisions)

(4.c) To Be on the UXAC (General Grade 2) one must be nominated by a council member, said nominee be very active online must show leadership, posts frequently and is committed to the expansion of the UXA

(4.d) Absent UXAC members will be claimed as MIA and removed from council ( More Active members will then be nominated to take there place)
Absent Founders will be moved to the rank of Legend, and will be removed from council although still recognized as a founder, who helped build the UXA and as such treated with respect
Posting & Recruiting Quality
5. Here in the UXA we strive to provide helpful information to our community, and to acquire like minded gamers to share that with both which are rewarded with ranks and medals

(5.a) No fake or ghost accounts, only real Xbox live players, violation will result in deletion

(5.b) Do not sign up anyone without there knowledge. (Apart from the fb group sub rule if you post your tag there your will be registered) violation will result in your deletion

(5.c) Posting, Topics of useful information are required to move ahead the system is automatic so if your posting allot you will rank up fast, however if your posts are spam or merely comments on other people’s topics your rank may be frozen until your post quality improves

End Transmission ....CoC 2013 Reform Th_batch112_zpsb57e8c3c
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CoC 2013 Reform 

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