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PostSubject: IAMLOBSTERMAN   Fri Jan 11, 2013 3:26 am

I am IAMLOBSTERMAN of Swarm Division. My name is Greg but I also answer to Lobster or Dude or whatever name you can use to get my attention. I love armies vs aliens types of games This started with my love for James Cameron's ALIENS movie. Having never snuck in to a rated R movie as a mischeavious child my Dad rewarded me for NOT doing so by allowing me to see it upon my my 17th birthday when the theater in town started showing it way back in 1986. ALIENS was my very 1st legit and otherwise rated R movie....

I Loved it!!! I have been enjoying Adult themes... and Adult violence...and Adult Sex ever since . I won't talk too much about the Adu;t sex out of respect for Mrs. Lobster though.... At any rate You never forget your first love and for me (talking only cinematically here) it was ALIENS ! I dreamt of being a space marine fighting Xenomorphs from LV-426 and such aliens as Predators and Martians and Klingons too.

I am retired military and also an artist and sculptor who enjoys amatuer acting and special fx makeup(ZOMBIES!).My wife is a Social Worker ( and NOT a gamer except for Farmville and Cityville on fb) and together we have a 13 yr old daughter who is a talented skater and singer...not to mention minecrafter and avid 360 gamer. She is using my account from time to time during daylight hours...so if I don't respond leave a message and I'll get back to you later ....I have been playing video games since 1980 when I received my very first console game PONG for Christmas from my cousin Patrick ( not a starfish ) It was a hand-me-down from him after he got his brand spanking new Atari 2600 that year as a gift. As greatful as I was to play Tennis, Warlords, Squash, Break-out and Pong....Atari 2600 was in color and had cool games such as Asteroids , Pac-Man , and Space Invaders...so the following year I was spoiled with that. I played it so much that my mother would ground me outside the house for it....I was literally not allowed back in the house until dark!

I am proud to be a member of this gaming community...and love Halo and Gears. Just reached SR130 on Halo 4 but plan on playing through to get may achievements and commendations...anyone wanna play Halo or Gears send me a message via XBOX LIVE. Future games that I have pre-orderred are as follows; Dead Space 3; Tomb Raider 2013; Bioshock:Infinite; ALIENS:Colonial Marines; Gears:Judgement; and The Walking Dead shooter game Thanks and Best to You All !
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PostSubject: Re: IAMLOBSTERMAN   Fri Jan 11, 2013 10:35 pm

excellent post lobster i added all this info to your profile for ya since its basically the about me part of it, since Elite 241 has been moved to the rank of legend Lobster will be Second Command of Prime till the launch of the new gears in March

End Transmission ....
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First General

First General

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PostSubject: Re: IAMLOBSTERMAN   Tue Jan 15, 2013 9:08 am

I have to say, I really enjoyed reading that XD
Not much I didn't already know but anyway lol, I fucking miss playing games and chatting with you fucked up fellow nerds, here's hoping I get my internet connection fixed soon Wink

"Everyone you know and love, everyone you've ever met, they will all die!"
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PostSubject: Re: IAMLOBSTERMAN   

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