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 Slave to the Shadows: Birth Intro

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PostSlave to the Shadows: Birth Intro

Gyone: Another Day on the Job

450 feet away, only one shot remains in the clip of Gyone's sniper, his palms are wet from all the sweat. Gyone was tense, missing this shot would mean certain death, his target is the last living king of the Koro monarchy of Creygor. His name was Genshi Koro, when his wife and queen of Creygor died of a brain tumor, Genshi realized after he died the monarchy would cease to exist.
That day was today, Gyone knew that once the shot went through Genshi's head, the monarchy would fall, freeing the people of Creygor from Koro's tyrannical ways.

Gyone held his breath, aligning the shot in between Genshi's eyes; Gyone's heartbeat overshadowed every other sound. Gyone pulled the trigger, the shot connected; Genshi died instantly, chaos reigned throughout the assembly.
The king's guards looked to where the bullet had come from, Gyone headed downstairs to the entrance of the building he had used to get the shot at Genshi; Gyone made his way down only to find Genshi's guards waiting for him. They aimed for Gyone; the captain shouted "you have five seconds before we fill your flesh full of holes".

"Five!", Gyone put his hands into the air, "four, three", he reached for a detonater in his left pocket, "two, one"; Gyone whispered, "boom". Gyone activated the detonater; the pillars in the main hall of the building rigged with C4 detonated and collapsed, Gyone slipped away among all the chaos of the blast. Most of the guards were killed by the debris; the captain regained consciousness and looked eagerly around for Gyone, "I want all of you to secure the perimeter, find that son of a bitch so I can personally bust his skull open!". By this time, Gyone was far from the building; many guards roamed the streets searching relentlessly; Gyone was hiding in an allyway hiding behind a dumpster; Gyone put his hand on his forehead and shook his head, "ugh, Mia's gonna kill me".

"He had a lot to say, he had a lot of nothing to say"
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Slave to the Shadows: Birth Intro :: Comments

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Slave to the Shadows: Birth Intro

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