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 Skyrim: The real reason why Its MA15+ 

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PostSubject: Skyrim: The real reason why Its MA15+   Fri Dec 21, 2012 9:20 am

Alright Bethsoft. You brought us Skyrim. But what about the rating: MA15+?!

Well we take a short journey as to why.

Firstly, I could probably work out that Skyrim ha been getting complaints to make the rating higher. I listed the complaints and put it into an explanation.

Complaint #1: "The Spiders are too scary"
- Ok. Mate, I couldn't fucking agree more. I walk into a cave and see some white fuck in a web, walk over to help, and a spider the fucking size of Aragog comes and scares the shit outa me.

Complaint #2: "A Dragon ate my Wife"
- WOAH OK. REALLY?!! Cool shit bro, your wife was probably a fat Orc who's face is more chat then Niki Monaj, ok? You wanna complain? Go get some Divorce Papers.

But now I make a complaint of my own. But whats funny is that it actually makes sense:

Skyrim is based hundreds of years ago when there were Castles, Dragons and Soldiers were. If you were there now, they wouldnt even kniw what the word "fuck off" means. So if your family, friends get ready to worry about "coarse language" in the game, you sure as hell haven't seen this.

This video prooves exactly what the coarse language in Skyrim would be like. So if your gonna send panic into parents minds about the "maturity" of playing Skyrim, think again.

Feel free to give some feedback about complaints you've heard,etc.

Nightflash out.

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Skyrim: The real reason why Its MA15+ 

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