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 DOOM 1 and 2 

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DOOM 1 and 2 Uxacpr
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PostSubject: DOOM 1 and 2   DOOM 1 and 2 EmptyMon Dec 03, 2012 7:32 am

The granddaddy of all FPS series is available on the Xbox marketplace for 400 points and 800 points respectively; and be warned, if you fancy something on the lines of Call of Duty.. then these games will absolutely demolish you. the DOOM series has a rather simple yet bizarre premise; you are a lone space marine (way before Master Chief mind you) who travels through over 90+ levels of brutality to stop a growing threat from hell itself from destroying the world. Like I said laughably simple, but you'd be surprised to know that for being a 30 year old game at this point, this game has aged beautifully; nothing seems sluggish to control and the old 3D graphics are remastered and polished to a pixalated shine, and I recommend this game to anybody who either loves the FPS genre or is looking for a trip down memory lane. Even though the difficulty may put off some (trust me you will die. a lot) the game is still a blast to play solo or online with three of your friends in co-op or competitive old-school deathmatch. Full Revive recommendation no question.
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DOOM 1 and 2 

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