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 Dragon's Lair 

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Dragon's Lair Uxacpr
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PostSubject: Dragon's Lair   Dragon's Lair EmptySat Dec 01, 2012 1:26 am

Out now in the Xbox Live marketplace, Dragon's Lair is a cult classic from way back in 1983 which basically acted as an interactive cartoon or as we know them today as Quick time events. The idea of interaction with a sort of movie was by far revolutionary for it's time, but playing the game myself has shown just how bad this game has aged; basically only an hour in length, consisting of technically two modes of play, and Kinect support (although a controller will work no problem). For 800 ms points the money definitely isn't justified for basically a barebones experience, although I can't deny that I actually had some legitimate enjoyment with Dragon's Lair and going into it, the game will definitely hold some sheer nostalgia for those who enjoyed it long ago or have played the more recent (and frankly overpriced) iterations of the game; but no matter what, I'd recommend you wait for a price drop before spending points on this.

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Dragon's Lair 

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